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Don't Speak to Black Friday, Let Black Friday Speak to You

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How many times have you gone into Black Friday with the intent on purchasing certain items, but because we live in South Florida the long lines say otherwise. This year it’s time to leave the thermos at home, keep the lawn chair in the car and not worry about staking out your spot in line. Here’s why you shouldn’t speak to Black Friday, but have Black Friday speak to you.

Now, you may be curious as to what we are even talking about, but here’s what we mean. Instead of going into Black Friday with a list of specific items you’re going to buy, don’t set expectations.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Going Just to Browse

girl browsing rack of clothes at a small boutique

In fact, sometimes you’ll find that this method works much better. Often times you’ll be bombarded with emails leading up to Black Friday advertising online sales, because let’s face it we’ve gotten to the point where more people are shopping online, but because of this we miss out on the deals in store.

Go Where There’s No Line

salesperson handing items over to a girl paying

Often times we think because there isn’t a line that means there’s nothing good, but this isn’t always true. If you see a short line or a not-so-packed store take advantage of it and see what’s there.

Follow the Signs

red signs with sale on storefront at mall

No really, if you see a huge red sign that reads, “50% off,” follow it. Go into the store and see what’s happening because you might find something that someone close to you mentioned they wanted and what’s better is that you’d be getting it at a great price!

Listen to the Salespeople

male shoe salesman helping out male customer

You probably think we’re crazy to tell you to listen to the sales people, but especially on a day like Black Friday you don’t want to miss any sales or freebies. Often time’s stores won’t advertise if they’re giving away free gift sets with a purchase or if you spend so much they’ll give you an item. Don’t disregard the staff, they know more about what’s happening on Black Friday than you think.

All we are trying to advise is that you not take Black Friday so seriously. It’s not a life or death shopping day and you might find the more relaxed you are the better experience you’ll have. The holidays aren’t supposed to be stressful and remember it’s what you make of it.

In case you run into a deal that you can’t pass up while out on Black Friday, be prepared and earn rewards while you shop.

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