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Why Small Business Saturday is Important to South Florida

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Small Business Saturday has been celebrated since 2010, but with Black Friday and Cyber Monday being the two major days for deals Saturday can easily be forgotten.

However, living in South Florida where small businesses dominate the space, it’s time to share why Small Business Saturday (SBS) is important to our community and important to celebrate now, more than ever.

Local South Florida business owner

Supporting Local Entrepreneurs

All businesses have to start somewhere and that starts with you. On SBS instead of ordering from a food chain or shopping at a major department store try boosting the local economy by eating and shopping local. South Florida is home to many authentic restaurants owned by friends and neighbors. And what about that boutique you love so much? By shopping local you are rewarding yourself by immersing in culture and in turn helping your local community thrive. It’s a win for both you and the tri-county area in South Florida.

Giving Flare to the Community

Who wants to always eat at the same old chain restaurant or shop at the same five stores? Local and small businesses give your community a unique edge, which can ultimately add not only diversity to your community, but beneficial things like upping the value of property. What does this mean? If you ever plan to sell, property and making a return on investment having a booming local economy can help to stimulate that.

Pro tip: if you’re looking to open up your own small business or refinance your current space the Tropical team can help provide expert feedback to get where you want to go.

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Collect Points at the Places You Love

A lot of credit card issuers such as credit unions are starting to understand the importance that local businesses have on their cardholders, which is why many of them are offering extra points or even points on local shopping, especially on days like Small Business Saturday. We recommend keeping an eye out for what deals your card issuer will have and what businesses you can help to support all while earning points while you spend.

Pro tip: shopping local on Small Business Saturday and any other day with TFCU’s Daily Rewards Debit account will reward you back two cents on each purchase.

Open a Daily Rewards Debit Account from TFCU

Stimulating the Local Economy

By spending your money at a small business within the community you’re keeping your money local. The positive side to this is that in return, your money can eventually be put back into the community.

A great example of this in South Florida is with residential and commercial lending. Many business owners will take funds and clean up or build properties brining in both new business while keep South Florida beautiful. More housing means more business and more business means more money for our thriving community.

Times are tough, but before heading to a chain store or restaurant consider your local options to keep business open and ready to serve your needs for when times get better and back into shape.