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Is It Really A Man Cave Without These 4 Essentials?

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You’ve heard of it before. The place no woman shall enter, the one where a guy gets to live out all of his wildest fantasies…that’s right we are talking about the sacred man cave. If you already have one, you can probably agree to just about everything on this list and if you’re in the moving process or just getting started you better keep reading because it’s not a proper man cave until it has these essential items.

The Biggest TV Money Can Buy

man watching big screen tv

OK, so we know you’re not a billionaire, but there’s nothing wrong with putting some money into your credit union savings account in order to buy a big screen. Besides, isn’t the whole point of a man cave to sit back, relax and enjoy some interrupted TV?

A Recliner Made for a King

man enojying his time on recliner chair in man cave

Other than the TV, having a recliner made for a king is probably the other essential your man cave needs to have. However, don’t settle for just any recliner make sure it’s spacious and has enough padding for when you spend a whole Saturday on it. Also, get something that has a cup holder so you don’t have to get up and move every time you need a drink.  

Snacks Made for Champions

snacks to eat while watching the big game

We’re not talking chips and dip, when we say snacks we mean call up your local sports grille and order yourself some wings. It doesn’t stop there. If you plan on having the crew over to watch the big game make sure you’ve got something wrapped in bacon, something super cheesy and something your significant other can’t make at home.  

Entertainment Aside from TV

dudes playing video games together

One can only watch so much television before they get bored. Make sure you have other forms of entertainment such as:

  • Video games (this includes, but not limited to Xbox, PlayStation and any other console)
  • Pool table
  • Workout equipment
  • Card games
  • DIY putting green

Having trouble finding the perfect place suitable enough for your man cave? Check out how HomeAdvantage can help with your home search and save you money- you know so you can get that TV and recliner needed for your man cave.

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