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How can companies help employees with their bank finances?

Tropical Financial Credit Union offers an enticing partner-company program that extends beyond traditional employer benefits. Corporations and organizations that do business banking with Tropical can present multiple opportunities to their workers to improve their financial well-being.

Special Offers and Discounts

Employee perks at the credit union can be discounts on loans and special offers on savings. For instance, there are promos involving getting extra cash by opening a checking account with direct deposit to rate bumps for any regular CDs with a $5,000 minimum. There are even loan rates that have quick approvals with above-average APR rates. These benefits can add significant sums to employees’ wealth over time, making it easier for them to achieve their financial goals.

Financial Wellness Education

With its Balance program, Tropical Financial can connect your employees to a financial coach for a free consultation. They can assist with issues such as bankruptcy and debt management.

The credit union also offers free money management webinars and online BalanceTrack coaching programs on budget management, homeownership, renting, student loans, and more.

Another free service, the Get Beyond Money community, helps employees build a healthy relationship with their finances in a judgment-free environment built around informative podcasts.

Competitive Interest Rates

Credit unions traditionally quote lower loan rates for new and used cars, plus loan refinancing. They also offer secured and unsecured personal loans and lines of credit on better terms. Tropical also has a wide selection of mortgage, loan refinance, and home equity products.

They also post higher rates on deposits such as traditional savings accounts, certificates of deposit, and holiday, health, and retirement savings programs. All of these can help employees grow their wealth faster and more effectively.

Credit Building Opportunities

Good credit is essential in today's financial landscape. Partner company programs help employees build or repair their credit by offering credit-building products and services such as Tropical’s credit and debit cards. Professional-finance counseling services help workers improve their creditworthiness.

Convenient Banking Services

Partner company programs often streamline banking services for employees. Tropical Financial offers convenient online banking and a mobile app, as well as expanded ATM networks that include Publix stores with no transaction fees from the credit union. These convenient services can save time and reduce stress.

Work-Life Balance

Balancing work and personal life is crucial for overall well-being. Tropical Financial has offices in nine Florida counties. The credit union has Saturday hours at some branches and a national network of ATMs and checking accounts with no transaction charges.

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