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Here's Some Ideas for #GivingTuesday in Miami

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As you read this you might want to pull out your cell phone, so you don’t forget to add #GivingTuesday (GT for short) to your calendar. If you aren’t familiar with Giving Tuesday, don’t worry because we are going to break it down for you.

How did Giving Tuesday Start?

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#GivingTuesday started in 2012 by the Belfer center for Innovation & Social Impact  in NYC, as a day to celebrate the start of the charitable giving season during the holidays. Thanks to social media the holiday is styled as #GivingTuesday, to show the power of a hashtag and what a little collaboration can do for a community.

Giving Tuesday in Miami

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If you’re interested in participating in a #GivingTuesday event here in Miami (not to be confused with Give Miami Day- they’re different days!), there’s plenty of opportunities. If you aren’t sure about a particular cause there’s a list that you can search from, so you can connect prior to the event. The other interesting thing, is that there’s many different causes you can donate to on #GivingTuesday in Miami, here’s just a few:

All Things Pawsible Animal Rescue, Inc.

If you’re an animal lover, All Things Pawsible in Miami may be of interest to you. On #GivingTuesday you can either donate to the animal rescue or if you’re feeling extra nice, help rescue your own furry friend! All Things Pawsible helps to rescue dogs and cats from being euthanized. Do it for the animals!

Best Buddies International

Best Buddies International is the world’s largest organization whose mission is to end social, physical and economic isolation for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Thanks to Best Buddies Miami, you can support the cause on #GivingTuesday by making a monetary donation of your choice. 

Overtown Children and Youth Coalition

Children are the future and thanks to Overtown Children and Youth Coalition in Miami, they’re helping local children and youth thrive into adulthood. By supporting the coalition on #GivingTuesday you can either provide monetary donations or even sign up to volunteer with the kids.

Save the Earth Ecocenter, Inc.

Besides people and animals, another cause that someone might feel passionate about is the environment. If your mission is to flourish the earth than Save the Earth Ecocenter in Miami might strike your fancy. Their philosophy begins with healthy people, healthy planet and they focus mostly on a vegan lifestyle and how it helps to keep our planet healthy. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, #GivingTuesday is the best time to send over a monetary donation.

There’s so many different causes to donate to during #GivingTuesday that you don’t have to pick just one. Remember that your donations can also be used during tax time, so if you’re hesitant to give, know that’s a plus side of your kindness. For more info on where to donate in Miami on #GivingTuesday check out the list.