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6 Types of Personalities around Christmas Time

The holidays bring out the best and worst in people, some love ‘em and others cannot wait to get them over with. With Christmas quickly approaching some might find themselves attending parties, with different people and chances are those people will mirror some type of Christmas personality. Not sure which one you are? Check out our list below. 

Types of Personalities around Christmas Time

The Hinter- This person is so obnoxious because you know what they are doing, but they will never come out and just say it. Instead they’ll be the person who talks about how much they love this item or how much they have been needing that item. We get it, you want someone to buy you particular items as gift. On the other hand, you’ve got to appreciate them for trying to help, it makes shopping much easier.

The Grinch- Let’s give a shout out to all the “bah humbugs” who don’t want to participate in any activity. Truth is they’re only hurting themselves because the holiday season is the best one and it says a lot about someone who can’t enjoy. Hmm, wonder what the rest of their year is like?

The Misplaced Elf- They just love Christmas way too much. They’re the type of person who puts reindeer antlers and a red nose on their car and have no regrets of doing so. They’re an ugly sweater wearing junkie and are the 1% of the population who actually enjoy egg nog. You’ll find them in their office jamming out to every Christmas carol ever made.

The Foodie- Obsessed with Christmas themed cookies and planned their holiday menu the day after Thanksgiving, don’t get in their way.  For some people money talks, for these people food is the way to their soul. If you aren’t talking succulent roasted ham and figgy pudding wait until the New Year to strike up a convo with these folks.

The Shopper- After draining their checking and savings account, they revert to getting a holiday loan because that’s how much they love this time of year. Nothing is ever enough for this person, even if they bought you 5 gifts, they see it as scarce. Any good deal they see they take advantage of it and will somehow find a way to gift the items they couldn’t resist.

The Re-Gifter- Guilty as charged, we have all done it, however some more than others. The worst thing about these people is they have no shame re-gifting something you bought them. The best is when they forget and you bring it up. Can someone say embarrassing!! Beware though, their ways are contagious, as what they gift you, you may end up gifting to another. 

Whatever Christmas personality type you may be or might have a friend who is, there’s one thing to be sure of and that’s, this is the best season of all. Enjoy opening presents, entering an ugly sweater contest and enjoying a glass of well-deserved egg nog!