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3 Simple Tips for Holiday Spending in Miami (updated)

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Holiday spending season is here and if you’re like most people, especially in Miami or Fort Lauderdale, you’re dreading it. Not only are we dreading the lines and the traffic but also hearing those awful words, “we’re sold out.” Shopping online may also have you saying "Bah Humbug!" as much desired gifts become harder to come by. You might also be dreading the feeling of your finances being tight this holiday season.

Holiday time shouldn’t feel like that. It should be a happy time. You get to spend time with family and enjoy all the festivities that come with it. Events like Santa's Enchanted Forrest, holiday music and dance performances makes this season merry and bright. To help you get the most out of your holiday shopping experience, we’ve put together some simple tips to help you enjoy holiday spending in South Florida.



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Tip 1: Set a Budget

With any major purchase or purchases, take a look at your finances and create a separate budget. If you don’t feel totally comfortable with taking the money from your paychecks, it’s still safe to sit down and assess how much you’re going to charge on a credit card. It's very easy to just keep swiping, so setting a limit and estimated payoff time might be very beneficial, especially going into the New Year.

Tip 2: Collect Coupons

Chances are you’re like the rest of us, you have a separate email just for all the promotional emails and if you don't, you’re welcome. When you’re getting ready to purchase gifts don’t forget to check your email so you can get every deal you can. You'll also know where to shop  so you can use those coupons. Remember to check out websites such as RetailMeNot.com for promo codes or special deals stores are having so you don't miss out.

Tip 3: Shop Around & Price Match

Shopping around and price matching can be a big money saver around the holidays, especially when it comes to those big ticket items. It’s becoming more and more common for retailers to price match competitors as well as their online prices, so keep this in mind when shopping. Another helpful tool when comparing prices is Google’s shopping feature which shows local pricing as well as nationwide pricing from different retailers to help you compare store to store.

Remember the holidays are about being together and enjoying the people around you. Gifts can be bought, but enjoying the moment is priceless. Start with these three simple tips, but know that gifts aren’t everything. Enjoy the upcoming holidays no matter what items have either been bought or held off for another occasion… Because don’t forget about birthdays!