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Protect yourself against these common phishing attempts in 2024


Crooks are getting smarter at finding ways to get your personal information. Their emails, texts and social media posts look more authentic, and their come-ons are more sophisticated. Here’s your guide to what to watch for this year and how to avoid becoming a victim:


Urgent Emails. You receive a pressing email from your boss. It demands fast action, such as approving a new vendor or providing financial information like tax withholding information. The goal? Not to complete the task but to click a malicious link or download malware that steals your login credentials or financial information.
How to protect yourself: Confirm the message with the sender before acting.


Package Delivery Notices. You have placed a recent online order, and suddenly, a message from FedEx or UPS says there's an issue with your delivery. You are urged to click a link to reschedule or track your package. What happens? Malware is installed on your computer, or you’re sent to a legitimate-looking login page designed to capture your personal information.
How to protect yourself: Check your records and contact the carrier to confirm the shipping information.


Securities Investments. The stock market boomed in 2023 and is off to a good start this year. With more people trading online, phishing scams are targeting potential investors. An email from what appears to be a reputable financial institution or broker promises above-market returns. Be wary of these unsolicited investment offers.
How to protect yourself: Research the online platform before committing a single dollar.


Gift Cards and Products. Have you recently received an email saying you have won a free item from a well-known store? How about a gift card as a prize or customer reward? Click the link, and you’ll find yourself on a cleverly constructed but fake website designed to steal your credit card information.
How to protect yourself: Know that a legitimate company won't ask you to confirm gift card details through email or phone.

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