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How to Protect Finances in the Time of Covid

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As the world is still threatened by the novel coronavirus, South Floridians may be wondering, “How can I eliminate my chance of fraud living in what feels like the fraud capital of the world?” Fraudsters as we’ve come to learn will take advantage of any situation, but while you’re protecting your health, who is going to protect your finances?

We’ve compiled some ways of how South Floridians can protect their finances during this time.

Using Account FeaturesGettyImages-1220417394

Staying on top of these account features, most likely isn’t top of mind, especially during a time like this. Having an account that does the work for you automatically can be a big help, especially when it comes to preventing and fighting fraud.

Perks Debit CTA

Two-Way Texting

If a purchase was made without your consent you’d want to know as soon as possible, right? Two-way texting has become a standard feature, but also an important one. With two-way texting members are notified of any suspicious or out of the ordinary purchases are made. Members have the ability to reply “yes” or “no” and if action needs to be taken, the team is there to help.

Fraud Safety Tips to Remember

There’s more that comes with safeguarding your finances, aside from protecting the usage of your account. Think about things such as logins, internet usage, emails, and phone calls. Being aware of how fraudsters could potentially hack into your account through these channels is important so you are aware and can spot the difference in the event this ever happens to you. Keep these tips in mind:

Keep passwords safe

We all know the drill by now, never share your passwords with anyone and keep them in a safe place that only you have access too. Also, don’t forget to make them unique by using numbers and special characters.

Be cautious on the internet

If you’re out at a business that has recently reopened and using their wifi to check accounts, be very careful as this is a potential scenario that allows hackers access. Remember to always check your accounts in safe, trusted places like at home where wifi is secured.

Keep an eye out for phishing scams

Phishing is a common tactic where scammers pose as a business normally through email. To verify emails are from trusted senders keep an eye out for a few things: genuine web address, grammar is correct, no suspicious attachments, etc. If the email doesn’t make you comfortable always call the business directly to verify if it was them.

Stay alert for spam calls

Most times businesses won’t call out of the blue, especially financial institutions. If you receive calls from suspicious numbers don’t answer them and if you do never give away personal information, hang-up and call the business back directly to confirm.

Although we have been threatened by a pandemic and are focusing on our health, keeping your financial health in check is just as important. Take advantage of these tips now, so you won’t have to worry about fraudsters later.