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How 0% financing could be costing you more

Is 0% Financing When Purchasing a New Auto - a Good Deal?   

0% Financing
The answer is, it depends - when it comes to the auto buying journey, we often hear 0% financing and get excited over the money we'll be saving.
But have you ever stopped to look at what the interest will be to follow that 0%? Have you ever stopped to do the math and to see if a rebate that was offered to you was indeed a better offer? Sometimes taking a rebate and sticking with a higher interest rate will save you more in the long run.

Tips for getting the best auto loan next time you are shopping for a new or used car:

  • Do your research on low interest vehicle loans near you
  • If you do not have time to research, ask experts like Auto Advisors to help you along the way
  • Consider financing your new car with a credit union for lower interest rates.

Remember research, research, research. Never settle from anything less than what you set your mind to. 

For more tips and resources to help you on your car buying journey, download the TFCU Drive Away Happy Guide below.