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5 Date Ideas for Valentine's Day in Miami

Kara Yaquinta
By Kara Yaquinta - October 13, 2021

Valentine’s Day in Miami is fast approaching, but you haven’t saved up as much as you thought you would. No worries, there’s still time to plan a fun date without breaking the bank. Check out some creative, yet cheap ways to make the most of your holiday.

Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Miami

Dinner and a Movie

multi ethnic couple at the movie theater

You can’t go wrong with the classic dinner and movie combo. This calls for a relaxing, intimate evening with your significant other. You can get really creative with this too, whether you buy an outfit and leave a card for your partner before they go to work or totally catch them off guard by surprising them with back-to-back movie showing. Be sure to make reservations and pre-plan for this to ensure smooth sailing because Valentine’s Day in Miami can get busy.

Scavenger Hunt

valentines day scavenger hunt clue

It’s never too late to put in a little effort. Send your partner on a mini adventure throughout the day. Start with an email, then send a few clues to their work and surprise them at the end of the day with a romantic evening. This takes little effort, little money and can help to rekindle any romance that may not feel as romantic as it once was.

Personalized Gifts

older couple having bbq

Call this a quick win, due to the sentimental value. This is something your significant other can keep for a lifetime. Now-a-days, just about anything can get personalized so your options are endless. Many places in Miami like Stitching Around and Things Remembered personalize anything from aprons for guys who are grill masters to totes for women who love the beach.

Car Rental

couple in rental car on valentines day

This can be really cheap compared to other rental places if you book on Groupon. Rent a luxury vehicle in Miami and take a drive during the day along A1A. Nothing beats the ocean views and to spend it with the one you love most can be a great way to celebrate your relationship. Not a fan of the ocean views? Turn this into a mini getaway by using reward points from your credit union credit card. Use your card to rent a luxury vehicle in Miami, then head up the coast to either Orlando or St. Augustine and put the AirBnB on your credit union credit card.

Beach Picnic

valentines day double date beach picnic

What’s a better way to spend Valentine’s Day in Miami than having a picnic on the beach? You can either make or pick up you and your significant other’s favorite food and either enjoy a few hours on the beach or even watch the sunset. Bring a few games where you can learn more about each other or team up with your friends to make this a double-date and bring a group game. Just be sure to check the weather ahead of time!

Valentine’s Day in Miami is almost here, so be sure to arrange everything ahead of time. This will help to smooth out any kinks and ensure a fool proof date. Forgot to save up for Valentine’s Day? Use a credit union credit card and earn reward points as you spend.

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