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How to Save Time on Everyday Banking

Even though as people we are most likely to choose a bank because the locations are “convenient,” how often do we really use...

Credit Union Myth Busters: Here’s What’s True & Untrue

You’ve heard the word credit union and maybe you’re unfamiliar. Most likely you’ve heard things like “they run like mom &...

How ChangEd Can Help Eliminate Your Student Loans Sooner

How many articles have you seen of people promising some Holy Grail advice about paying off student loans in 3 short years?...

Tax Season: Smart Ways to Spend Your Refund Check

If you’re like the rest of America you’re probably already planning what you’re going to do with your federal tax return. As...

Need to File Taxes in Florida?! Here's 4 Last Minute Tips

It’s the end of March and you still haven’t budged to file taxes in Florida. No need to panic because the last day to file...

Tips to keep your checking account balanced

A checking account is essential in today’s society. It’s the path from child to adult and a place where your hard earned...


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