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Student discounts are probably one of the things I miss most about being a college student. I was never shy about taking out my student Id and asking, “Do you give student discounts?” Being a college student is tough, between the cost of tuition, living expenses, textbooks and student loans, it’s always nice to get a break on a bill.

Often, students don’t realize the value their student ID holds. They think their student ID is good for the cafeteria, test, and to get them into the dorm. However, that $25 student ID card opens the door to tons of discounts!

School supplies!

Depending on your major, there are list of school supply items needed each semester… and that can get costly. But there are some great supply stores that offer awesome discounts:

FedEx: offers a 30% discount on shipping of documents and a 20% discount on general shipping services. So at the end of the semester when you have to ship back half of your dorm room because it won’t fit in your car. Go to FedEx and take advantage of the savings.

Amazon: One of my favorite sites! As a current student you can get access to free two-day shipping for six months and discounted access to amazon prime. You know what you could do with free two-day shipping? A LOT.

Jo-Ann’s fabrics is another stores that offers 10% off purchases plus special coupons for students. They have a student discount program that is open to ages 14 and up and could come in handy if you join Greek life, take an arts class or just enjoy crafting. 

Sam’s Club is another awesome deal. For college students you can get a discount on a membership card, which is awesome because you will shop less and pay less when it comes to common dorm items needed.image - women shopping

Clothing stores: you would be surprised at which clothing stores offer discounts to college students. Those discounts can range from 10% off to 25% off. So if you find yourself needing business attire for a job interview or just have the urge to shop, don’t forget your student id card.

Apple: Yes, Apple offers students a discount! Not only do they have educational pricing that could be as much as $200 off, but often times they run back-to-school specials and you can get a free printer, ipad or even ipod with your purchase. So be on the lookout for that.

Adobe: is another company that gives student discounts for software so if you’re in communication, animation or just enjoy editing be sure to have a valid student id and sometimes a copy of a  tuition bill.

When it comes to dinning out, there are many restaurants who see you’re college student and want to help out. All you have to do is show your student ID can you can get free drinks from Chick-fil-a or 10% off a meal at Subway and even access to discounted menus.

And let’s not forget insurance and the many services that you might need. Discounts on cell phone bills, discounts on auto insurance, and discounts on auto services. Oh and you can even find gyms that will discount your rate just by showing your student ID.

The options are endless! To know more about discounts… simply ask! The worst they can say is… no.

Be sure to take your student ID everywhere you go and cash in on those awesome savings!