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The Moving Expenses you need to prepare for (when you rent)

If  you're ready to move to a new rental, have you thought about where you're going to go and what you can expect? One thing you can expect is moving expenses. So here's some advice about moving to a new rental.

Are you ready to move out?

Once you've found the perfect place, be sure to read everything before you sign anything. As you read through, make notes of anything you find disagreeable, ask questions about what you don't understand and look for the answers to these starter questions. 


How much is rent?
What's included in the rent?
Does the landlord pro-rate the rent? (If you move in mid-month)


Are utilities covered in the rent? If so which ones?

Lease Terms:

What's the term of the tenancy?
What happens at the end of the lease? Will the landlord increase your rent?
How do you renew the lease?

Security Deposit:

How much is the security deposit?
Are you responsible for any repairs?
What condition does the place need to be left in to get your security deposit back?

*Take photos of the apartment or house prior to move in to document it, and do so when you move out as well.


Where and when is rent paid?
Does payment need to be in a certain form?
What happens if the payment is late?


Are you allowed to sublease your space if you're gone for the summer?

Early Termination:

What happens if I break the lease?
How much notice do you need to give?


Are pets allowed?
is there an extra fee for pets?
Are there restrictions?

Building policy:

Are there restrictions or rules concerning parking, visitors, the apartment or house and common areas?

It's always a good idea to start saving early and create a budget. For more tips on setting budgets and managing your money, make sure to download TFCU's Personal Financial Assessment Guide below.