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It's time to spend money!

GettyImages-472053775.jpgAre you the person who sees a pair of shoes in the window and thinks, “I have to have these?” Yes men, this applies to you too. Or, maybe you’re the person who has to have every new gadget that hits the market. It’s okay, we’ve all been there and done that. I know I certainly have. I am a pushover when it comes to receiving e-mails with sales. I can’t help but to take a quick peak and next thing you know, a shipment is being delivered to my home.

Being an impulsive shopper is not the end of the world. Sometimes we have the urge for a new style or we feel that we’ve worked so hard at sticking to goals that it’s okay to treat ourselves. Trust me, I could spend hours telling you why I get impulsive and why it’s okay. I’m great at justifying my purchases.

Do it! Be Impulsive!

Wait… what? Yes, being impulsive is okay. Earlier this month, I talked about “loving your budget” and how creating a budget could allow for financial freedoms and that a budget doesn’t necessarily mean constricting yourself.

When working to create a budget, include some wiggle room so you can splurge and be impulsive. Now this shouldn’t be the bulk of your budget… but feel free to make it enough for a new outfit each month, or alter your budget to allow for a new gadget every few months.

It’s important not to deprive yourself because that’s when the impulse really kicks in.

Reward yourself!

We’re still at the beginning of 2016 and many of us probably set similar New Year’s resolution goals… live a healthier and fit lifestyle. Usually, we kick off the year going strong but as the months go by, we tend to lose motivation and interest. Let’s make this year different! For each time you go to the gym put $1, $5 even $15 in a jar, any amount that motivates you and fits within your budget. Then, set realistic goals. When you reach goal 1, grab the money in the jar and treat yourself to a new outfit, new shoes, or even a fun new gadget that hit the market.

Rewarding yourself is one of the best ways to indulge because you do really feel you earned it and it doesn’t have to be fitness related. Find something that you enjoy doing and pay yourself to do it. This way you’re more accountable and you’re giving yourself money to indulge too.

Write it out!

One reason we tend to be impulsive shoppers is because we don’t take the time to plan. How many times have you needed only a few things at the grocery store but walked out with bags and bags of groceries… that you don’t necessarily need. I am the queen of this. So many times I go to the grocery store and leave with bags of groceries, because well I love zucchini, and oh spicy cauliflower sounds good. And then I get home and think… I spent all this money and I don’t even cook…

So, when going to places like the grocery store, beauty stores and even clothing stores, write a list of the items that you need. This way you stick to the list and avoid unnecessary purchases.

Keep your emotions in check

So, you’ve had a bad day. You did poor on a college exam, you got into a fight with your best friend or you just had a stressful day. Now is not the time to turn to retail therapy. Yes…guys do this too. It’s not the time to buy new sneakers for the basketball courts, or the time to buy new tools to fix something. And ladies, it’s not the time to buy those shoes you’ve been eyeing or that purse that’s calling your name. Instead, find other ways to deal with your emotions, take a walk, get outside and be active, declutter your home or do something silly that you loved as a kid.


Another great way to limit yourself from being impulsive is by using cash. Give yourself a weekly budget with cash. If you limit your access to your debit card and your credit card, you will also limit access to overspending. If you allow yourself $100 for the week and the shoes you want are $100 you might be less impulsive because you know you ONLY have $100 cash that week and you need to eat.

Being impulsive isn’t a bad thing, but it’s important to control your impulsiveness so that you don’t get in over your head. Give yourself challenges and obstacles that allow for you to reward yourself and allow for moments of impulse. Trust me, when you have to work for something you’ll value it a lot more.

So, go ahead be impulsive… when the time is right.