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How to Save Money on St. Patrick's Day in Miami

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There’s more ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Miami than finding out where the hottest events are. What if we told you there was a way to go “green” on St. Patrick’s Day without having to spend a single cent? In fact, you’ll be saving more green than spending it.

Don’t think you need to go out and splurge on energy saving appliances or installing solar panels all over your house (although these are great way to receive tax incentives. Find out how to make green more than just a color this St. Patty’s Day with these simple money saving tips and tricks for your home in Florida. 

Here’s How to Save Money on St. Patrick’s Day in Miami

Switch to Power Strips

Powerstrip with chords plugged in

Have you ever heard a mom yell at her kids about turning off all the lights when they leave the room? Well, what about all the other devices that are plugged in? They are still using electricity too, which is why power strips help you to save money on your energy bill. Once you leave the room simply turn off the power strip and save…save…save.

Take Showers over Baths

shower heard wih water droplets falling

Bet you thought that taking a shower would waste more water, didn’t you? Sorry to press your luck (get it, cause its St. Patty’s Day), unfortunately you were wrong. On average taking a bath compared to a 7 minute shower can waste up to 30 or more gallons of water. Sorry to all the moms out there who are just trying to relax!

Wash Full Loads Only

man filling washing machine with clothes

This is pretty explanatory, you’ll save a lot on your water bill by only doing a few loads a week that are full compared to multiple a week that aren’t so full. What happens if you can’t make it to the end of the week and need to wash a single item? Try out hand washing the article of clothing and even air drying it around the house. Also, use cold water as it will save on energy too.

Invest in Energy Saving Lightbulbs

hand changing LED lightbulb

Tired of having such an expensive electric bill? Save yourself some cash and get energy-efficient LED lightbulbs. They use anywhere from 75 to 80 percent less energy…now think about how many lights are in your house. That’s a lot of money you can save and the best part is that LED lightbulbs are an inexpensive investment.

Leave the Thermostat Alone

hand setting thermostat to 78 degrees

Stop fidgeting with the thermostat, find a comfortable temperature and stick with it. If you find yourself out of the house a lot there are censored thermostats that automatically switch temperature for times you are home and others you are not. Another great way to save is by leaving the air conditioning alone completely. Set the thermostat at room temperature…chances are that will always be cooler than the temperature in sunny, Miami.


Look to the end of the rainbow this St. Patty’s Day because you’ll have a pot of gold with all this saving. For more tips on how to save money on St. Patrick’s Day in Miami check out our MoneyManagement Guide and get started on your housing journey with HomeAdvantage.

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