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It's time for some financial motivation!


How are those New years resolutions going? Are you sticking strong or could you use a boost of confidence? 

 Pay Yourself!

 We’ve all heard the idea of pay ourselves first when it comes to saving for the future but what about paying ourselves now?  Think about it, New Years Resolutions are goals that we have set for ourselves. To lose weight,  to save money, to spend more time with loved ones, to travel more. There are many promises that we make to ourselves in the begging of the year. Now, let’s add some accountability.

 For those looking to lose weight. Every time you make a workout, whether it’s running outside, going to the gym or going to a kickboxing class, pay yourself $1. Create a list of goals such as lose 10 Pounds, Lose 20 pounds, gain muscle, or reduce my body fat. Each time you meet that goal, use the $1 you’ve saved to buy yourself a new outfit, new shoes, a day at the spa. Something for you! Now instead of saying, “Ahh I am too tired to go workout “ Your mindset will change. Now you will think okay I’m $1 and 5 pounds from my goal. I can do this!

For those looking to save more, I’ve got an awesome challenge called the 52-week challenge that I live by. It’s an easy, fun and great way to save money for the year. Plus the reward at the end is awesome! But I don’t want to spoil a blog, so check back later this month to get all the details on the 52- week challenge.

 If more family time is your goal this year then make it your goal! Set up 1 day a week, 1 day every other week or even 1 day a month and stick to it. Make it a family day where each person chooses his or her favorite activity and you spend time together. If you have a larger family and lots of relatives and you want to make it a bigger event, then do that. Take turns as a family planning a gathering. Whether it is a beach day, a movie night, or something as simple as a family pot luck/ bbq. While there might not be a financial aspect to this option, there are the memories to be made. And to me, the memories are far more important then the money.

 It might be May but that doesn't mean we have to give up on our New Year's Resolutions! Be sure to pay yourself first and you will be so glad you did. Make 2017 count and be the best person you can be! Have fun with those resolutions and don’t give up!