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Articles to Help You Get Beyond Money To Secure Your Financial Future

If you are grateful, then let it show

When many of us sit around the Thanksgiving table this year, we will talk about the many things in life for which we are...

Looking for a new home? Get the HomeAdvantage

Buying a home is challenging in South Florida. Just finding one in the current South Florida market is tough, too. Tropical...

12 Tips for Spending Smarter During the Holidays

High inflation. Soaring gas prices. More expensive mortgages. It’s as if someone put Ebeneezer Scrooge in charge of the...

Should I consider an adjustable-rate mortgage?

Now that rates on fixed-rate mortgages nationwide have hit 6%, it’s time to think of more affordable alternatives for financing...

Five Things You should know about Certificate of Deposits (CDs)

When deciding where to put your savings, consider opening a federally insured certificate of deposit, or CD. Most accounts have...

Be cautious with money-transfer apps - there’s no ‘undo’ button

Almost 44 million people in the United States used money-transfer apps on their smartphones in 2021, and a number of them were...

TFCU celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

During Hispanic Heritage Month, we join our members and employees in celebrating the history and contributions of American...

Now is the time to re-finance your high-interest auto loan

If you have had serious credit problems, those TV-advertised car loan rates of as little as 0% are well out of reach. But you...

Still have student loan debt after forgiveness? It’s time for Change

The Biden administration’s cancellation of up to $20,000 in college loan payments for Pell Grant recipients and $10,000 for...


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