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How to Care for Your Car in South Florida During Quarantine

Tropical Financial Credit Union
By Tropical Financial Credit Union - May 18, 2024

Were you coming up on needing an oil change? Did you not make the most of the public-use car vacuums while they were still available to use? While social distancing restrictions in South Florida are still in place and many of us are still stuck at home, the same goes for our cars. Even though staying at home has been safe for us, the same might not go for our car. After all, they’re made to move right?

Here are several important steps drivers can take now to ensure their vehicles don’t deteriorate due to non-use.

Keep the Battery Charged

The car battery can be one of the most neglected items under the hood, that is until your car doesn't start. A great way to keep the battery charged while in quarantine is taking a couple moments and simple turning the car on. This alleviates the battery just sitting there and discharging over time from lack of use.

Keep your Vehicle Clean

A car that is sitting idle for weeks at a time can become a magnet for all kinds of creatures. If possible, keep your car parked inside a garage. If this is not an South Floridians washing car in Miami drivewayoption, make sure your car is clean from all snacks, beverages, food wrappers and debris so it doesn’t attract bugs or animals. A lot of car cleaning companies may be out of commissions, so a great way to keep your car clean at home is using a hand vacuum for the inside and breaking out the soap as well as the hose for a nice outdoor cleaning. By cleaning the outside of your car, that can eliminate any erosion of paint that might occur from the natural elements outside.

Take your Car for a Spin

While we may be stuck at home, that doesn’t mean taking a drive is not allowed. If you feel you need to get out of the house, consider taking your car for a 20-minute drive at least once a week. Driving is a solitary activity that can help reduce cabin fever, but also one that is good for your car in order for it to get some use. Driving will help keep the battery charged, prevent the tires from developing bald spots and keep the brake discs from growing rust.

What Happens if My Car Does Deteriorate?

As crazy as it sounds, this can actually happen especially in Florida where cars are sitting in the heat not being used, but don’t worry. If you were late to taking steps towards car maintenance and you were coming up on needing a new ride anyway it might be the time to explore financing options from a credit union. Times are tough, but if you are in dire need of a car, credit unions provide great low-rate options that can help save a lot of money compared to other financing out there.

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Chances are if you take these few steps to caring for your car while in quarantine you won’t be needing a new ride, but you never know what can happen. Remember these tips to keep your ride in excellent condition so that when quarantine ends your car is ready to go far, far away from your driveway.