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Does Your Car Qualify for Uber or Lyft in Miami?

Tropical Financial Credit Union
By Tropical Financial Credit Union - June 15, 2024

In this day and age a popular and easy side gig to have is driving for Uber or Lyft, but what most people don’t think about prior to becoming a driver is if their car qualifies. Uber and Lyft both have specific requirements, so if becoming a driver is on your mind check this out:

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Uber Vehicle Requirements in Miami

Finding the requirements for your  vehicle in Miami is pretty easy, all we did was a simple Google search and found the information right from Uber. An important thing to note is that the requirements vary by service type (uberX, uberXL, LUX&LUX SUV), but the minimum requirements are the same across the board.

Minimum Uber Car Requirements

  • A 15-year-old vehicle or newer
  • 4-door vehicle
  • Good condition with no cosmetic damage
  • No commercial branding
  • Must display Uber decal

Uber also requires the vehicle your drive to have both registration and insurance. Interestingly enough, the registration doesn’t have to be in your name, but the VIN on the insurance must match the VIN on the registration. Our recommendation to be on the safe side is to try and have your name on everything to eliminate any confusion.

Now onto Lyft…

Lyft Vehicle Requirements in Miami

When we searched the vehicle requirements for Lyft in Miami, we were surprised to find that they actually are different from most of Florida. Lyft requires newer car models in certain areas in Florida. For example, in the big cities such as Miami & Tampa, cars are required to be 2007 or newer compared to more laid back areas such as the Florida Keys or Daytona Beach which require cars to be a 2004 or newer. In areas not specified on the list, a 2003 or newer car is required. The rest of the minimum vehicle requirements for Lyft drivers in Miami are pretty similar to Uber.

Minimum Lyft Car Requirements

  • A Vehicle manufactured in 2017 or newer (this requirement has recently changed. Those who were previously driver's with old platform requirements will not be impacted)
  • 4-door vehicle
  • 5-8 seats, including the driver’s

As far as documentation is concerned, Lyft only requires a Driver’s license, vehicle registration, Florida vehicle insurance, and driver photo. They don’t specify much about the documentation, however when applying to be a driver you have to upload them, which we are assuming they will let you know if you are either approved, denied or need more information.

Best Types of Cars to Use for Uber or Lyft

During our research, we wanted to check out the best type of cars these ridesharing apps recommend to use when becoming a driver in Miami. Prior to our research we thought back to our past rides with Uber and Lyft and thought models such as Toyota Camry, Honda Civic and/or Ford Focus would be recommended and here’s what we found:

Uber and Lyft, themselves don’t explicitly state the best types of cars, which we get because that would probably seem biased, however, after doing some additional research the cars we listed above were found to be ideal for drivers. The basic economy cars work best because they’re inexpensive, fuel efficient and are easy to navigate, especially when driving around Miami.

As far as the luxury services are required clearly different makes and models are required and can be found with a simple Google search.  

Now that you know the vehicle requirements for Uber and Lyft in Miami, get out there and make some extra cash. If your ride is lagging, let us help you get a new one!

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