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Is Your College Student Driving Into the New Semester?

Tropical Financial Credit Union
By Tropical Financial Credit Union - May 18, 2024

Letting your college student bring their car to school or purchasing a car for college has been something parents have taken into consideration for a long time. There’s the fear that your student may not be responsible with their vehicle or that having it there will be a distraction.

However, having a car on campus could help make a students experience a little better. Whether it be getting around to a part time job or having it to run errands, a car may be beneficial to them so they don't have to rely on others for a ride. Stuck having to make this decision? Here are some things to consider before letting them bring a car to college:

Campus Size

college students walking from class to class

Some college campuses are the size of a small city. Getting from class to class can be difficult due to the size of the campus. With a car, being able to travel to and from classes may not only motivate the student to show up, but also make their life a little easier rather than having to struggle with public transportation.

Safety Factors

student studying in college library at night

Although college campuses now have on-campus safety guards, shuttle services and emergency phone booths with those blue lights around campus, walking around at night can still be a little nerve racking. To ensure their safety for when they have night classes or are studying late at the library, having a car to get back to their dorm could not only make them feel more comfortable, but you as well.


college student texting and driving

Not all young adults are the same. Some mature faster than others, which is why it’s up to you to determine if your child can handle the responsibility of having a car on campus. We mean more than just being responsible behind the wheel. Will they keep up with oil changes, keep the car clean, not text and drive as well as take care of necessary fixes?


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There’s a couple different angels to look at this from, yours and theirs. Assuming your student doesn’t have a car yet, how will they be getting one and is it something that’s in both of your budgets? The other thing to think about is if something were to happen to their car, will you help them out or will they take care of it on their own? Make sure the car is something that is affordable for whoever is going to be responsible for it.

Making this decision isn’t easy, let alone sending your teen off to college. Whether you choose to send them with a car this year or decide to wait, at least you have an idea of some things to look for when the time is right. Most importantly they’re going to learn and that’s what matters most.