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Why Don't Cars Come With a Special Compartment for Purses?

Tropical Financial Credit Union
By Tropical Financial Credit Union - June 15, 2024

Women- we’ve all found ourselves in a rush. Whether it’s making our morning rounds on the way to work, heading to grab dinner with friends or trying to squeeze in errands, we’ve been there.

Whatever the case may be, you grab your purse, run out the door and throw it in the most convenient spot of your car, right next to you on the front seat or on the console between the front seats. Just when you thought you were well on your way, you brake or take a turn and now there are credit union credit cards, a cell phone, coupons and gum all over the place. Not only do you find yourself late, but you’re now irritated because of course your $18 lip liner is now stuck somewhere under the seat never to be found.  

Here’s are all the common “throw it” places, purses end up while in the car and why there should be a special compartment purses. 


The Passenger’s Seat- This is a one of the most convenient spots in the car to have a purse because at any time within your drive you need to get anything out of your purse like lipstick or sunglasses it’s just there. The trouble with this tactic is that anytime you have to break or turn the purse ends up sliding and in most instances it ends up on the ground which is super frustrating.

  • A Possible Fix- Special seatbelts. Just like they make USB sticks with different charging heads that cater to both Android and iPhone users, a car should be the same way. There should be a seatbelt for people, purses/bags, animals, etc. You just choose which “type” of seatbelt you need and hook it to the regular seatbelt. How convenient would this be? 

The Center Console- There’s those brave women who can drive like this and they are commendable, however they shouldn’t have to suffer. It’s easy to see how convenient this could be and the logic behind it since there are seats to support the purse, but then there’s nowhere to relax your arm…so how is that comfortable?

  • A Possible Fix- Make the console wider and deeper for all cars, not just minivans. It would be amazing to have the ability to use console as an extra storage space, especially for the purse. You wouldn’t have to lug it around with you since it would be enclosed in a safe space, it’s readily available when you need to grab something quick and it’s out of the way when you have passengers in your car.  

The Floor- This is for when you’ve really given up and are just plain ‘ole annoyed with it falling on the floor so you just put there. However, if women are paying anywhere from 100-1000 dollars for a bag why would they want to put their bag on the floor of their car where everyone’s feet have been?

  • A Possible Fix- Drawers underneath the seats. Some cars already have this feature, but nothing remotely geared towards supporting a purse. This would come in handy for when you have many passengers within the car because it’s out of the way. It also serves as another storage place, which is great because women just have a lot of things in general.


Car companies like Ford and Dodge have made trucks geared towards men, whereas Chevy and Honda created affordable sedans for college students and luxury crossovers made by Volvo and Buick are aimed for the retired.

So, why haven’t any car company’s specifically targeted women who carry purses? Next time you go to buy a car take this checklist with you and remember to check off  “special compartment for purses” before you purchase!

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