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5 Ways to Save on Gas in Miami

Tropical Financial Credit Union
By Tropical Financial Credit Union - May 18, 2024

We all dread one of the necessary expenses of everyday living… Gas! It's no secret that gas prices have been increasing throughout Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Depending on the car you drive, the cost of gas can burn through your budget, literally. Even if you work from home or have a hybrid or electric vehicle, high gas prices can still reach your pocket as the cost of goods and services also go up.

For those of us on the road, several valuable tips can help you navigate the high cost of petroleum.


Here are 5 ways to save on gas in Miami:

  1. Use a gas-saving app. Gas Buddy is a great free app that helps you find affordable gas no matter where you are. It uses the GPS on your phone to present updated prices at gas stations near you.
  2. Take advantage of your membership. You can also purchase gas at Costco if you have a membership. Prices could be 20 cents cheaper than regular gas stations. Depending on the car you have, that could mean huge savings over an extended period.
  3. Set up gas preferences in your navigation app. Waze is another app you could use to help you find the most affordable gas near you. You can set your preferred gas type; gas stations and sort by brand or price as you plan your trip. As you drive along, you will be presented with options. Waze will let you know how far it is to the gas station and direct you there!
  4. Live near co-workers? Share the ride. If you live near your co-workers, consider carpooling, if possible. Everyone can pitch in to pay for gas, you take up fewer parking spaces, and you can enjoy driving in the HOV lane. You could even get additional perks for registering your carpool with South Florida Commuter Services.
  5. Consider buying a hybrid or electric vehicle. Getting a gas-efficient ride can be more affordable than you think! Tropical Financial Credit Union will help you get the financing you need to save money at the dealership and the tank.

Finally, where ever you go, remember to use your TFCU Daily Rewards Debit Card and earn 2 cents back on every retail purchase. That's cash back in your pocket to help you get beyond money and enjoy the commute!

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