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FFCU Visa Credit Card Transition to TFCU Mastercard

By Amy McGraw - April 4, 2020


Just a friendly reminder - FFCU Visa Credit Card swill be transitioning to TFCU Mastercards. Please see important times and dates below: 

  • The last day you can redeem your uChoose reward points using the current program under FFCU program is on Saturday 1/27/18
  • Your old Visa credit card will stop working as of 3:00 AM on Sunday 1/28/18
  • Your new Mastercard credit card can be activated starting at 4:00 AM on Sunday 1/28/18
  • Reward points not used will roll over to your new Mastercard credit card account
  • If you use Fiserv’s OA (online access) this will be shut down on Monday 1/29/18
  • You may use TFCU online banking and go to OA to view your Mastercard account
  • You will be able to view your rolled over reward points on or before 2/7/18

For questions, please feel free to call 888-261-8328. We appreciate your patience during this migration and sorry for any inconveniance during this time.

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