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How ChangEd Can Help Eliminate Your Student Loans Sooner

Tropical Financial Credit Union
By Tropical Financial Credit Union - September 23, 2023

How many articles have you seen of people promising some Holy Grail advice about paying off student loans in 3 short years? There’s a sad truth to this and that’s most people aren’t as strategic as the “I paid down my student loan by X amount in three years, here’s how,” person. It’s hard to juggle a job, bills, extracurricular activities, so to sit down and even create a plan seems almost impossible.

This brings us to...how do you pay off your student loans sooner without having to be the “I paid down my student loan by X amount in three years, here’s how,” person? We don’t blame you for not wanting to change your lifestyle, so find something that works with it like the app ChangEd.

What’s the ChangEd app?

video about ChangEd app and how it helps TFCU members with student loans

ChangEd is an app that rounds up your spending and applies it towards your student loan debt. Super easy, super simple and you don’t even have to change your habits, in fact it helps you to keep up your regular spending habits so more change is transferred over to the student loan.

Here’s the breakdown:

Say you go to get some coffee and its $1.99 (someone clearly is not at Starbucks today). The amount of change it takes to round up to the next dollar is one cent. With ChangEd that one cent is transferred over to your student loan in order to help pay the principle balance. Not only would you make your regular student loan payment, but you’d also have your roundups applied as well. See how easy, no budgeting, no having to not do something you didn’t want to do. Just strictly so spare change being applied to some money you don’t want to owe anymore.

If you don’t already have the ChangEd app, TFCU is covering the costs which is normally $1 per month, but if you have a checking account it’s on us so it’s FREE to you. Don’t have a checking account with TFCU? Once you open one, you’ll be able to get the ChangEd app for FREE and start paying even more on your loan.

TFCU ChangEd guide to help set up account

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