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Guide to Using CardValet Pt. 1

Kara Yaquinta
By Kara Yaquinta - June 3, 2023

South Florida is one of the riskiest places to live when it comes to financial theft. In fact, according to a recent study conducted by WalletHub, Florida was ranked within the top 5 states with the worst identity theft and fraud rates. Very scary if you ask anyone who lives there.

However, what if we told you there’s a way to avoid fraud in Florida from happening? That not only can you avoid fraud and theft, but you can control how much you spend with your cards. That’s right, with CardValet you have the ability to do all of that and then some.

What is the CardValet App?

Basically, it’s a way for you to be a control freak (as your kids call you), but in the best way possible! CardValet is an app that allows you to set spending limits on both debit and credit cards, check your TFCU account balances, receive transaction alerts and more.

With the app, you’ll have a more hands on approach to preventing fraud and theft by customizing your preferences and alert settings. For example, if you use your card at a gas station you can set the limit for how much you want to spend and once you leave, you can turn off your card specifically for gas stations, so no further transactions can be made without your approval.

How do I Set up CardValet?

CardValet is available for both Android and Apple devices. Just head over to your app store and download “CardValet.” Once downloaded, follow the prompts to link your cards and just like that you’re ready to begin using all the benefits. Once your cards are linked browse through all the different preferences and settings you want for your cards.

Benefits of Using CardValet

  • Peace of mind when making transactions
  • Easy access to managing debit transactions 
  • Manage spending on your credit card 
  • Most current account information including balances, deposits, withdrawals and transactions
  • Quick and on-the-go use, which comes in handy when at the airport or mall
  • Knowledge of where and how much your kids are spending
  • Ability to set yourself up for financial success 
  • Reduced risk of fraud and identity theft

So, if you want to avoid fraud in Florida and risk of identity theft and have total control over your accounts be sure to download the app. Stick around for more of our 2 part series, coming soon. 

download cardvalet in the apple store

download cardvalet in the android app store

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